Deciding to become a minimalist, is a transactional decision, the same way walking and eating are transactional decisions. The ability to actually first declutter and then remain decluttered, is an intentional decision. I make the difference, because one requires effort, commitment and consistency, while the other, is a reflex, human response or requires little to no effort, unless you are walking uphill with tons of Groceries, but that is our exception not the everyday. 

For me decluttering is still a struggle and remaining decluttered seems almost a personal battle, between the gifts that I get randomly, the changes in life (ex. the weather calling for different types of coats or new hobbies and activities like, my art class that requires me to go out and buy tons of art supplies that I must now find a new place for). 

I hope my personal stories, battles and successes with decluttering will help others to know they are not alone in their daily struggle(s). My biggest kryptonite is I love that site. I love how I can shop at home in my fuzzy slippers and click, click, click and two blinks and all my shopping needs are dropped at my door in a day or two. I have named officially, “My Husband” ..lololol. You can see my day-to-day essentials under the “Essentials Page.” If you want to buy the same product, just click the photo and it will take you directly to product on This will save you the horror of Googling it. Plus, if you are like me, you just love to drop random stuff in your virtual shopping basket until you really need to make a purchase.

Happy not shopping 😉

Humanist Minimalist




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